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Roman Kurdeleli Çiçek Desenli Kadın Kap

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150 TL ve üzeri alışverişlere ücretsiz kargo!
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  • Siluetlerde öne çıkan ana mesaj “konfor”. Siluetler bol kesimli ve

    geçtiğimiz sezonlara göre daha uzun.Bu sezonu farklı kılan diğer bir parça ise fitilli kadife takımlar… Bordo ve siyah kadife blazerlar spor ve cool bir etki yaratıyor.

    Floral desenli jakar kaplar çeşitli biye ve aksesuarlarla bir araya gelerek derinlik kazandırıyor.

    -Roman Kurdeleli
    -Çiçek Desenli Kadın Kap

    Ana Kumaş %1 Elastan, 1Ana Kumaş %15 Pamuk, 1Ana Kumaş %76 Polyester, 1Ana Kumaş %8 Metal, Astar 1 %100 Polyester​

    Manken Ölçüleri : 36/S beden 176 cm / 83 - 60 – 89

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      If any part of the Terms of Service is unenforceable (including any provision in which we exclude our liability to you) the enforceability of any other part of the Terms of Service will not be affected all other clauses remaining in full force and effect. So far as possible where any clause/sub-clause or part of a clause/sub-clause can be severed to render the remaining part valid, the clause shall be interpreted accordingly. Alternatively, you agree that the clause shall be rectified and interpreted in such a way that closely resembles the original meaning of the clause /sub-clause as is permitted by law.
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    all country - worldwide shipping - international cargo - shop and ship - easy order
    What is the time duration for international delivery?
    For international delivery duration will be between 7-11 days depends on the country and your adress.
    What are my payment options for international orders?
    You can pay with Credit Card (Visa,Master) and you can pay with EFT.
    What are the costs of international deliveries?
    It can vary according to the weight of your package and the country you want your orders to be delivered to. After completing your shopping, by choosing your country the system will automatically calculate your shipment cost. Every country's delivery payment's till 1 - 375 $ (1-1200 TL ) is 20 $ (75 TL) and 375 $ (1200 TL) up is free.Every order is deliveried with DHL.
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